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Primary Arms FN America H Carbine Buffer $34.99
Primary Arms Guntec USA AR-9 Buffer $34.95
AR15Discounts Sprinco AR-15 Blue Buffer Spring & H2 Buffer Combo $34.95
Weapon Outfitters PWS - Primary Weapons Systems Mod 2 Enhanced Steel Body Buffers $33.96
AR15Discounts KAK Industry H3 Carbine Buffer $33.95
Primary Arms Vltor A5 Standard Buffer - 3.8oz $32.36
Primary Arms Daniel Defense Carbine Recoil Buffer - H-Buffer - 4.0 oz $32.00
Weapon Outfitters Spikes Tactical Tungsten Buffer - T1 $31.95
AR15Discounts KAK LR-308 Carbine Buffer $30.00
Primary Arms Expo Arms 9mm Extended Carbine Buffer - 8 oz $29.95
AR15Discounts Kaw Valley Precision Heavy Tungsten Buffer 3oz $29.95
AR15Discounts Kaw Valley Precision Heavy Tungsten Buffer 4.3oz $29.95
Primary Arms Aero Precision H2 Carbine Buffer Weight - 4.65oz. $29.74
AR15Discounts KAK Industry A5 Style A5H2 Buffer Weight 5.5oz $28.95
Weapon Outfitters CMMG Mk9 Buffer Assembly, Carbine $28.38
Primary Arms Expo Arms H3 AR-15 Carbine Buffer with OD Green Bumper $27.95
AR15Discounts Aero Precision AR-15 H1 Buffer $26.99
Primary Arms CMMG AR-9 Carbine Recoil Buffer for 9mm AR Rifles $23.99
AR15Discounts KAK AR-15 H2 Heavy Buffer $23.25
Primary Arms DSG Heavy Carbine Buffer for M4/AR-15 - 3.8oz $21.99
Primary Arms Expo Arms H2 AR-15 Carbine Buffer with Flat Dark Earth Bumper $21.95
Weapon Outfitters Geissele Automatics Tungsten Buffer Weight $20.00
Primary Arms Expo Arms AR-15 Rifle Buffer - 5.4 oz $17.95
AR15Discounts KAK AR15 Standard Rifle Buffer $17.95
AR15Discounts Dirty Bird AR-15 3.8oz H1 Buffer $17.95
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