It was a busy week.  We were announced on, Monderno, and I worked with many retailers on optimizing our site feeds/scans.  A new feature was added to review retailers by clicking on their name on any results page (be sure to leave your feedback as it helps others).  A few retailers were added and many scanning bugs were fixed for current retailers.  Due to popular request, muzzle devices (Comps/Hiders/Brakes) were added to the site and gas tubes are also being added, but both will take time to go back through current retailers and pick up their stock.   Finally, an In-stock-o-meter was added to the left parts navigation bar to give us all an idea of where we are at in regards to getting back to normal.

Some of this led to other issues that cropped up relating to scaling addition of new retailers.  I have been working on rewriting the scheduling system that handles kicking off the scans, but it hasn’t been quick work and will require a few more days to flesh out.  I see a couple other areas that are likely going to take some rework in an effort to keep the site running smoothly as it transitions to less of a panic/availability site and more into an availability/pricing/comparison site.  This was always my long term goal of the site and many people have alluded to it in their feedback.  We all need a quick place to compare prices, inventory, and even see pictures of the parts we want in the future.

You have my promise that I am working to meet that goal every day, even if the changes aren’t always visible.  Admittedly, I also have to take a day off here and there from the site to re-evaluate where it stands now and what should be tackled next.  You may not see a news posting on those days but I assure you that I am always planning on those days and sometimes I just forget to post when it’s really late.

Finally, it probably won’t hurt to mention that my near term goals include hitting 50 retailers (we are only a few shy) , 10,000 parts being checked, and cover all part types reasonable (still a few left).  I have some additional features I would like to implement as I can schedule them, but they may require big blocks of time and some participation from visitors… I’ll ask when I am ready for the help.

Anyways, hope everyone has a good week.  Sorry for the long post, but I wanted to give a kind of “state of the site” address.  The site wouldn’t be as useful as it is today if it weren’t for all the positive feedback  and suggestions sent over the last 2 months.  You guys have driven a lot of the features and priorities.


Typically they mean whatever someone wanted them to mean when they started the poll.  Right?

Most recently the news and politicians discussed that 90% of Americans wanted universal registrations.  So that is what the media slams across the stations and papers.  But really the poll this comes from asked whether people wanted required background checks for all gun buyers with nothing about mental health additions or the other things stuffed into the proposed bill(s).  Really it was 91% and of course they also fail to mention the scope being about 1700 people across a handful of states.  According to my trusty microsoft windows calculator, that really means 91% of .00055% of Americans supported background checks for all gun buyers.  No matter how enthusiastic you are about those stats… they in no way mean 90% of all Americans.

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Added Hamlund Tactical to the site.  They had a bolt carrier (not complete BCG) in stock until literally seconds before I did the final scan for inclusion after testing.  Bummer.

Of note is the merging of Lower Build Kits into the Lower Parts Kits area.  I was hoping to find others, besides Palmetto State Armory, that included all the components needed… but it appears PSA is somewhat unique currently.  So, it seemed silly to have basically a PSA only part category.

Also, I added Heroes Tactical (why is everyone so tactical?) Friday.  I know they had 25 BCGs in stock and their inventory is live (despite the fact you can add 100 to your cart).  It seems they sold those 25 out, likely due to ARPartsFinder, by Saturday night.  I was told they expect more in this coming week… so keep an eye out.

Preference for how many items to show per page should now store your choice for 3 years and not till the browser session ends.  Thanks Kory H. for calling behavior that out.

Finally… I have been working on even more stuff that should go live before the end of the week.  I will keep adding other sites in the meantime, but I did want to give a heads up!

So, meandering about the web tonight.  Maybe got a little lost.  Kind of like when you go to YouTube and click on a toddler laughing and before you know it, your additional clicks on “similar/suggested” videos have you staring at your screen with your mouth open… watching something that is probably illegal in the majority of states.

Anyways, I saw facebook shows bing search results  You showed google what’s up, facebook,  now g+ will never have a chance… oh wait.  Anyways… I noticed a firearms company ad to the right of the bing results.  Looking back I realize this was probably shown by facebook and not bing.  But I got curious if the M$ Bing policy was anti-gun along with google.  Sure enough, I found their bingads (adwords equivalent) policy and what do I see…

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Sure, I can show you what is in stock and where to find it at a decent cost… but sometimes the bigger question is: “Is this what I want?”

I recommend checking out when you have questions like that.  Over there, Ben does a great job of writing up product announcements for the parts we all need.  You always get some pictures and technical details that can help you learn about something you may want to install.  He also does a great job of announcing special deals, like the current free shipping deal on Tactical Wall Inserts… something I have been debating purchasing since I first found out about their products.  He even runs giveaways on complete rifles and other accessories… something I know everyone here likes based on my giveaway of the lower build kit.

So, head over and check through his recent posts.  Really good info.

Let me introduce myself.

My name is Mike and I created  Sometimes I use ‘we’ when I write stuff but that generally comes from always sharing credit of projects with whatever team I happen to be working with at the time.  I guess I am actually on a team of sorts with regards to the site.  My wife and kids support the time that I spend on the site as long as I don’t take too much time away from them.  They share in my excitement over new additions and features despite not having a single clue what I am talking about the majority of the time.  Without their support, I likely would have made much less progress since I started this project 8 weeks ago.  They even tried to not laugh at me for the first 2 weeks before the site went public, as I would boast about how the site “now has colors” and “has everything in a table, instead of bullet points”.

Although I have always been a gun owner…  I do have a dark secret…

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