Let me introduce myself.

My name is Mike and I created arpartsfinder.com.  Sometimes I use ‘we’ when I write stuff but that generally comes from always sharing credit of projects with whatever team I happen to be working with at the time.  I guess I am actually on a team of sorts with regards to the site.  My wife and kids support the time that I spend on the site as long as I don’t take too much time away from them.  They share in my excitement over new additions and features despite not having a single clue what I am talking about the majority of the time.  Without their support, I likely would have made much less progress since I started this project 8 weeks ago.  They even tried to not laugh at me for the first 2 weeks before the site went public, as I would boast about how the site “now has colors” and “has everything in a table, instead of bullet points”.

Although I have always been a gun owner…  I do have a dark secret…

I am a “Panic Punk”.  I always thought about buying an AR, but just never put in the effort to research what I would want and do something.  As everyone is aware, an event took place that changed availability of parts almost overnight as discussions of firearm bans began.  I jumped on board the panic train along with all the other punks (some people also calls us 13ers and 13s based on the year).   Sorry it took me so long to find myself, but I’m here now.

Anyways, the plan for this blog is just to provide a better place to notify everyone of site updates that have been completed, upcoming changes, and interact with all of you a bit better.