What a night.

I was in the middle of working on back end site changes and my pc just reboots.  Ok then.  That’s not cool.  So, I start it up again and start opening programs and “crash/reboot” again.  Now the video is acting funny and I have to reboot again to get it working.  I swap video cards since I have a new PC I built back in Feb and never used due to working on the site.  Still crashes soon after boot.

Ok… so I am about 30 seconds from snapping my keyboard in half.  Take 5 min break and let it boot again.  Finally notice something.  When Chrome starts (which I use instead of IE/Firefox) the computer lasts about 30 seconds to a minute and then reboots again.  I uninstall Chrome and reinstall.  Start up Chrome and about 30 seconds later it reboots the PC.  I’m not happy, but at least it’s obvious what the cause of my issues likely are caused by.  Google search shows I am not alone, so I follow the advice of one post and install portable apps version of Chrome and I am able to use my browser again.  I did uninstall the official Chrome so I don’t accidentally start it up.

Holy crap!  I’m done with back end changes for the day.  I lost several hours of work, so I am going to work on some site additions for a little bit to relax.

UPDATE:  Ok, spoke too soon.  I am finishing the setup of the new computer I built in Feb.  Seems there is likely something in Win7 that is hosed on the old machine as well… chrome may instantly crash it but the system is having other indications of some corrupted OS files.  I am actually pretty glad I already had another machine completely ready except for some software installs.